Nyla Crystal’s Video Clip Gallery | San Francisco Belly Dance

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Carnival of Stars Richmond, CA
Video clip of classical belly dance to Leylet Hobb from Carnival of Stars. Every year, Alexandria and Latifa put on this amazing belly dance event! The next Carnival of Stars will be August 27th and 28th, 2011. Don’t miss this one if you are going to be in the Richmond, CA area!

Rakkasah Richmond, CA
Santa Clara belly dancer, Nyla Crystal performs to live Egyptian music by Sacramento band, Flowers of the Nile. Rakkasah is the world’s largest belly dance festival! The first song, Tab Wana Mali, is a classic from a movie and the second song is Tarik el Zurai.

Cirque du Soleil After-party, Arco Arena Sacramento, CA
Nyla Crystal performs her solo double veil dance for Cirque du Soleil’s cast and crew of Alegria. See Troupe Scimitar for the duet belly dance video clips.

India House Folsom, CA
Nyla Crystal performs her daring sword belly dance to live drumming by Brian.

UC Davis Main Theater Davis, CA
Isis wings video clip of Nyla Crystal at the UC Davis Chinese Dance and Arts Club “Rhythm of the East” show.

Painted on Water Tour, Fox Theatre San Mateo, CA
Belly dance video clip of performance with Turkish progressive rock band Hazerfan opening for Serab Erener and Demir Demirkan on their Painted on Water tour! This video clip includes a bass taqasim leading into the song Uzun Hava.

Brothers of the Baladi Concert at The Palms, Winters, CA
Michael Beach of Brothers of the Baladi plays an improv drum solo for Nyla Crystal. More concert video clips to follow!

KARDASH live at Enrico’s in San Francisco, CA
Improv sword belly dance for French travelers with amazing live music by KARDASH.

Two belly dance shows mixed from Tannourine Raq the House and Layali Casablanca
Middle Eastern cover of Billie Jean! Belly dance with bad Michael Jackson impressions. Just for fun!

Carnival of Stars Richmond, CA
Drum solo belly dance video clip from the Carnival of Stars in Richmond, CA.

Sacramento RakStars Belly Dance Show Sacramento, CA
Performance to Tab Wana Mally and Tarik El Zarai with Egyptian live music by Flowers of the Nile.

Cafe Capri Belly Dance Showcase, CA
Belly dance video clip of beautiful choreography to Darat Al Ayam by Nyla’s amazing bellydance teacher Terry Del G.

Midtown Patio Sacramento, CA
Due to some miscommunication, Brian and Nyla showed up for a restaurant gig only to find it had closed! They made the best of it and did this practice run in the outside patio. Normally a busy restaurant, the absence of customers amplified the drum and police were alerted to “drumming sounds” on J St in Sacramento. The police officer was very nice and even stayed a bit to watch the performance, though we were unable to include him in the belly dance drum solo video clip!

Sambandha live at Kasbah Lounge in Sacramento, CA
Nyla Crystal performs belly dance in Sacramento with Sambandha at Kasbah Lounge. Belly dancing starts at 45 seconds in the video clip.

Fantasy Festival San Leandro, CA
Drum solo bellydance video clip from Tatseena’s Fantasy Festival.