5 Tips on How to Keep the Birthday Belly Dance Show a Surprise

Planning a surprise birthday party is hard work and takes a lot of cooperation from your guests as well as hired vendors. A belly dancer is one of the least expected surprises for a birthday party and can be planned with ease whether it is for your husband, father, mom or a bachelorette party activity. A professional belly dancer will know how to remain a surprise, but here are some tips to help you coordinate with the belly dancer and how to make things easy on your end.

Belly dancer at a surprise birthday party in Sacramento

Sacramento surprise party belly dance show

#1) Keep communication for your eyes/ears only
For the best show, you will need at least a phone call or two with your hired belly dancer to plan out the best show for your party. When contacting the belly dancer, make sure she knows this will be a surprise party and give her either a phone number your surprise guest of honor won’t check or some good times to call when the surprise guest of honor isn’t around. Make sure all communication occurs on the “secure” phone line to avoid confusion. Double check to make sure you give your cell phone number and not your husband’s/wife’s/son’s/daughter’s cell phone by mistake. If you are emailing, make sure the email is seen by your eyes only.

#2) Plan the sneak in
How are you going to get the belly dancer from her car to your venue? Make sure you have a great plan to distract the guest of honor while the belly dancer sneaks in with assistance through the side door and into a changing room. You might need to enlist the help of a friend to bring the belly dancer inside while you are running interference with the guest of honor. If you will be at a restaurant or ballroom, make sure to tell the manager so he or she knows to anticipate a belly dancer at the front desk and can help direct her to the dressing room.

#3) Plan the sound system details
Need to get a CD to the DJ? Will the belly dancer supply her own speaker system? Will you use your home stereo? Work out these details before-hand to make sure a the belly dancer has a smooth entrance. If using your own stereo, make sure to set it before the belly dancer arrives to the proper CD or iPod settings. Take the stereo off shuffle! A great way to ruin the party mood is to fumble with the stereo for minutes after announcing that you have a special surprise. Do a practice run before the party if you need to.

#4) Keep your phone on!
As soon as the belly dancer arrives, arrange for her to call you to let you know she is there and ready to enter the venue. If your phone is off or not with you, the belly dancer might have to try to sneak in herself if she can’t contact you in order to stick to the designated performance time stated in the contract.

#5) Communicate
The more the belly dancer knows about the party, the better she can plan her surprise performance. Let her know the party time line (i.e. belly dance show is after the birthday toast).  Many times the belly dancer is hanging out in a dressing room and out of sight from the main party. She might not hear her music start or know it is time to start her performance. Coordinate the performance time and stick to it or send someone to alert the dancer when she has 5 minutes before show time. Most belly dancers are not telepathic and can’t see through walls so the more communication you have with her, the more surprised the birthday boy or girl will be!

Good luck!

Got a question or another tip to help party planners out? Please leave a comment below.

Nyla Crystal
Sacramento belly dancer


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Sacramento belly dancer

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  • Great tips, didn’t think of it before, but it would be a good idea to do private shows or something :) I love dancing… but this is all future music for me, because since you saw on my blog, still need to start learning it :D lol

    Anyhow: is that you in the picture? You are absolutely stunning!!


    • Yes that is me. Thanks :) Good luck with your belly dance adventure. I’ve had and am having a blast with mine!

  • That’s a great idea about belly dance on birthday.


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