Do Your Wedding Guests a Favor

Maid of honor gift

This Maid of Honor didn’t want her favor!

Although I don’t like to admit this, I will let you in on a secret to prove the point behind this post. Back in my starving student days as an undergrad at UC Davis, I shopped at the Goodwill for plates, bowls, coffee cups and even wine glasses for when I wanted to impress guests by serving Carlo Rossi to compliment instant ramen. As I walked down the “kitchen” isle at thrift stores, I was always saddened to see rows and rows of personalized etched glass wedding favors; an expression of a couple’s love and devotion collecting dust and on sale for 10 cents. Even more heartbreaking was Continue Reading »

How to Hire a Belly Dancer: A quick guide

hire a belly dancer in San Francisco

Hire a San Francisco belly dancer

Hiring a belly dancer does not require professional event planner training. It should be a fun and fascinating experience, not intimidating or confusing. If you were able to successfully select a cell phone provider, then hiring a belly dancer will be a piece of cake! Entertainment rates for the San Francisco Bay Area area range from $200 (student/beginner pro level) to $450 for birthday and wedding entertainment. Check out these two articles on how to hire a belly dancer for your wedding, party or event.

2013 Party Trend: Surprise Entertainment – How to hire a belly dancer

The Connoisseur’s Guide to Hiring a Belly Dancer


Hello Belly Dance Entertainment World!

Welcome to Shimmyology: The Science of Belly Dance Entertainment! In this blog, you will learn about all aspects of planning great party and event entertainment. With years of belly dance entertainment experience in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope to demystify the entire entertainment planning process from booking to enjoying the show so you can provide your friends and family with the most perfect entertainment experience. Your fun and entertaining parties will be the talk of Sacramento!