Half the Price for Half the Belly Dancer?

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Which half will perform?

If you buy half a carton of eggs, it costs half as much as a full carton. If you buy half a tank of gas, it costs half as much as a full tank. So when a belly dancer quotes you a rate for a 30 minute show, why won’t she half the rate for a 15 minute show?

Hiring an event entertainer is not the same as buying merchandise. A belly dancer will not put half the thought into her show, will not bring half the music, will not put on half of her costume or makeup, will not drive halfway to the venue, will not bring half of a Continue Reading »

Engaging Entertainment: How to plan the best entertainment experience for your guests

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Belly dancing at a party in Sacramento

Audience participation is a fantastic way to enhance your guests experience with your party or wedding entertainment. Instead of watching an exciting belly dance show, your friends and family will be directly involved in the excitement. Participation can range from clapping out rhythms to learning belly steps and how to shimmy. Having your guests make an active connection with the belly dancer will leave them with great memories of the show.

If you are interested in including audience participation for your guests it is extremely important to Read more about engaging entertainment

Home for the Holidays: Undercover Belly Dance Practice

Welcome back to the Home for the Holidays belly dance blog series. In Part I, I discussed how to practice belly dance moves in movement restricted places like on a plane.  In Part II, I will cover essential belly dance technique to practice when you are away from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have to go through so much trouble to practice, it is easy to tell yourself that you can just wait out a month without belly dance before returning home and back to your favorite belly dance class. Don’t do this! Following these tips, you can squeeze in at least 5 minutes of belly dance practice a day even in the most crowded of holiday homes. 5 minutes a day is all you need to keep up your hard earned belly dance skills and return to class in January at the same level or higher!

So you have traveled over the river and through the woods practicing your restricted movement belly dance exercises. Now you have arrived at grandma’s house and eager to continue your practicing, but you don’t want to be interrupted every 3 seconds with questions from the family peanut gallery about belly dance and why you are doing it. With 3 or more families joining for the holidays under one roof it is too much to ask for some private peace and quiet so you will have to be clever and opportunistic to catch some alone time. Below are some practice space suggestions.

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