What is a Belly Dance Drum Solo? And why do I want one at my wedding or event?

Drum Solo Belly Dancer

Possessed by drums.

Many belly dance songs from the Middle East are heavy in drum rhythms and drumming is a big part of the music culture. Much like in rock and jazz  music, the drummer is featured in a drum solo to show off his or her speed and skill with an intense section of constantly changing and complex drum rhythms. With regard to belly dance, the drum solo also allows the dancer to also show off her speed, strength, and body control skill.

The Drum:

[ Silver Dumbek ]


The goblet shaped hand drum used in a belly dance drum solo is called a doumbek; also known as a dombak, darabuka, darbukka. It is also refered to as a tablah, which comes from the Arabic word tabl, meaning “drum”. The earliest doumbek drums found are dated to be from 1100 BC in Babylonia.  The doumbek name comes from Continue Reading »

2013: A San Francisco Belly Dancer’s Odyssey

Belly Dance Brilliance Event and Wedding Entertainment has moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. After 5 long years in graduate school at UC Davis, Nyla Crystal has earned her Ph.D. in biochemistry and has started working full-time in Sunnyvale, CA.

Belly Dance Brilliance will continue to provide brilliant belly dance entertainment for birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a main focus on the Peninsula, South Bay Area and East Bay Area.
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Beyond Arabian Nights: 5 unexpected belly dance themes

With Halloween, October is the most popular month for costume parties. I have performed at Halloween themed weddings, birthday parties, and business grand openings. In fact, I just got back home from performing for a Moroccan “witches” Halloween party. I coordinated a black costume with flame colored silk veils to match the mood of the party. The blend of Moroccan, Halloween, and witch themes looked great and was very creative.

On the way home, I started thinking of party themes and how much a theme adds to the fun of an event. 90% of the parties I perform for are Arabian Nights or Moroccan themed. 5% of the parties are Halloween themed, 4% have no theme or are birthday parties for husbands, dads, or sons, and 1% have unexpected themes that make for really fun events.

Halloween belly dancer

Belly dancing at a Halloween costume party

Belly dancers can be incorporated into many party themes. Working with a professional belly dancer will Continue Reading »