Ladies birthday party belly dance

Belly Dancer for Bay Area Bachelorette Parties & Birthday Parties for Her

You’ve picked out the birthday cake, planned the food menu, sent out the invitations, made a music playlist and decided on party decorations…have you thought about how are you going to entertain everyone for the duration of the party?

Belly dance shimmy parties are a popular birthday party idea for a “princess party” whether the birthday girl is 10, sweet 16 or 70. Every girl deserves to feel like a belly dance princess for at least one day! Whether or not the birthday party will be a surprise, a belly dance performance by Bay Area belly dancer Nyla Crystal will surely amaze and surprise your guests.

San Francisco belly dance birthday party

The birthday girl learns how to belly dance.

Nyla Crystal has a great birthday performance set that includes beautiful veil work, an energetic Egyptian classical routine with syncopated finger cymbal playing, a sweet and sassy dance to fun Middle Eastern pop and a thrilling sword dance with tons of gravity-defying tricks.

At the end of the show, the birthday princess will be invited up to be the center of attention with a special belly dance lesson. Afterward, everyone at the party will get a chance to learn some belly dance moves and join in on the fun shimmy party.

Belly dance entertainment is better than birthday cake and won’t add inches to your waistline.

Bachelorette and Bridal  Shower Belly Dance Parties

Belly dance parties are a great alternative to bar hopping or male dance shows. Anyone from your shy friend to your conservative sister can have fun belly dancing in a “girls only” private location. Learn how to belly dance with your closest girl friends in your own home or rent a private room at a dance studio.

Then after the party, the more adventurous ladies can show off their new belly dance moves at the club!

Bachelorette party San Francisco

Brilliant bachelorette party idea!


Baby Shower Belly Dance Parties

Celebrate the joy of being a woman and a mom-to-be with belly dancing at the baby shower. Belly dancing is a fun activity for all ages. Please inquire about special show and lesson combos to make the baby shower you plan entertaining, educational, and fun for everyone.

Bay Area baby shower belly dance

Bay Area mom-to-be learns some light belly dance moves.


Ladies day at a winery.

Ladies day at a winery learning belly dance.

Nyla Crystal is currently unavailable for bookings until June 2017.