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Customer Reviews of Nyla Crystal – Belly Dance Brilliance

“There is nothing that makes me happier than to see people enjoying life and having a great time. I work mostly alone in a biochemistry lab all day so the exuberance I express when I perform at parties is always real and using both sides of my brain keeps me balanced. I love science, but I also love music, dance, and helping people celebrate special events in their lives.” – Dr. Nyla Crystal, Belly Dance Brilliance Event and Wedding Entertainment

“OUTSTANDING! You truly made our event a magical night to remember…”
Andy Smith, Tour Manager, Cirque du Soleil

“THANK YOU.  It was such a great time. I wasn’t quite sure what expect and apparently, it was the highlight of the evening and everyone enjoyed it.  While the entire performance was lovely, I personally was  impressed with the sword balancing. But, I think overall everyone enjoyed the audience participation, it certainly was good for lots of laughs and to me that is what it is about.  I’m looking for another party so we can do it again.” – Sherry H., San Jose, CA

“I was extremely pleased with Nyla’s performance at my brother’s 40th birthday party. She was prompt in her responses during the pre-planning, on time for the performance, very sweet and likable, and most importantly, she put on a fantastic show. Her dancing was beautiful, sword balancing act-spectacular, and I loved that she incorporated my brother into the dance. It was hilarious. He gave it his best effort! Her performance was the talk of the town. Highly recommended!” – Bridget D., San Carlos, CA

“It was big hit performance by Nyla at the 40th surprise birthday party. We loved the dramatic entry with the wings and jaw dropping sword dance. It is an experience that none of my guests will ever forget. Thanks for being there on time and honoring our request to dance for specific Bollywood number. She was able to engage the guest with sweet smile of hers. The dance was entertaining, beautiful, and very elegant. It was a fantastic and memorable evening, made all the more special by Nyla. The show is family friendly, I would definitely recommend her for the creativity, professionalism and planning. She was able to exactly understand what I was looking for and delivered it to the dot.” – Purnima K., San Jose, CA

“I wanted to surprise my husband for his 40th birthday party and I was thrilled when Nyla said she was available. All of my communication with Nyla was professional and thoughtful. She asked if there was a particular song for the birthday boy to get up and dance to. He was thrilled. It was a fantastic and memorable evening, made all the more special by Nyla. She wowed us with her amazing talent and her breathtaking sword dance. I wouldn’t hesitate in the least to recommend her.”
Favorite Moment: “I loved it all. I loved how everything she did was a great surprise for the audience. Nyla blew people away with your sword dance. Very impressive!” – Jean L., San Francisco, CA

“Nyla did an awesome performance at my husband’s 50th birthday party. She really worked with me to meet my needs of making it a family and children friendly show. She got my hubby dancing with jingles around his waist! By the end, all age groups (seniors, middle aged, teenagers and toddlers) were dancing with her :) Everyone complimented me and really enjoyed the party!”
Favorite moment: Having my hubby dance! Pamela G., Roseville, CA

“We thoroughly loved your dance performance. It was a very big hit amongst my friends who had all praises for you, including me, after you left. You very gracefully included the crowd, we all loved the dancing and of course dancing with the birthday boy was amazing. You are a beautiful person and your inner beauty reflects in your dances. This was a new experience and we were 100% satisfied. I wish you good luck in all your future performances.. Keep smiling always.”
Favorite moment: When you danced with my husband and he enjoyed every bit of it :)Pranati S., Folsom, CA

“Nyla was wonderful! We had her come to perform at my dad’s Surprise 60th Birthday party… the belly dancing performance was a surprise to the birthday boy AND the guests. It was a huge hit. Nyla was not only diligent and organized in working with me to plan the performance, but when she performed she was also very entertaining – beautiful costume, good upbeat attitude, and great belly dancing skills! I would definitely recommend her!”
Favorite Moment: When you first came out and shocked everyone, your sword dance, and when you had the birthday boy up dancing.Sheila G., Santa Rosa, CA

“My family and friends were VERY entertained. I got exactly what I wanted, which was to honor and entertain my friends and family. I looked around many times at their faces and was soooo pleased that everyone was impressed and spirited. Very few of them had ever seen a belly dance performance. I continue to get calls and texts telling me what a great party it was and how much fun everyone had. I hope to see you again at another event. Many of my friends want to hire you!!!”
Favorite moment: Dancing with you and you dancing with my guests!Debbie L., Vacaville, CA

“I needed a bellydancer FAST for my girlfriend – it was her birthday and she confided that she loved watching bellydancers! I tried getting some referrals, and then just decided to Google and voila! My wish is granted with a “beautiful Genie out of a bottle” bellydancer. Excellent website gives all info you could possible want. Everything clear down to signing an agreement. Price VERY reasonable for the time performing and the experience of the dancer. If I throw a party I want it to be remembered, and believe me, my guests and I will remember and be talking about this party and the “bellydancer” for a very long time! – Christine C., San Francisco, CA

“Everyone really enjoyed your performance and we all had a wonderful time. Thank you for making it so lively. I will touch base with you if some one needs a belly dancer.” – Rohita C., Fremont, CA

“Thank you so much Nyla for the amazing performance, your smile while performing radiates and gave everyone a positive energy not only because of your amazing talent.. The sword dance captived your audience and we were all in awe and overall Nyla is a must if you want to have an amazing party entertainment. Definitely a five star from us!!!! I strongly recommend Nyla Crystal!” – Mary K., Hercules, CA

“She did an oustanding job! My husband had a fabulous time! so did everyone attending, they say it was done with a great deal of taste! I can’t thank you enough Nyla!!!” – Nydia R., Los Gatos, CA

“Thanks for your performance – it was greatly enjoyed! I will be reaching out to you again within the year or so for another wedding.” Joe F., Palo Alto, CA

“We loved your performance and would hire you again in a heartbeat. My husband had a blast dancing with you. All I heard were rave reviews from our guests. You looked beautiful and very professional. Thank you soooo much!!” – Susan R., Manteca, CA

“Nyla was a great dancer and she has stunned the audience with her beautiful dance. Not only the grown ups watched her, but also the small children. In additional to the traditional belly dance music, she has also danced on Romanian gypsy party music, which had similarities and brought everyone on the dance floor. She has also taught us some moves and we had fun trying to do them. We all had a great time!” – Marga J., Union City, CA

“Miss Nyla did an amazing job with her performance and truly would and will hire her again. The level of professionalism was enjoyed by everyone who attended our daughter’s engagement party. She was on time, her costume was simply beautiful as she was! A true talented lady. Thanks to her performance everybody left with a wow this and wow that! Again, Thank you Nyla for making our party a huge success!!” Maria A., Antioch, CA

“Thank you so much Nyla!! It was a great party all because of you.” – Asham M., Newark, CA

“We all loved the performance and really had a good time. You were really understanding about our special requests with your attire and very professional. Your sword balancing was really awesome & you did it beautifully even though my little niece was running around. Thank you once again and I wish you all the best.” Roohi Q., Union City, CA

“Nyla was awesome and super easy to deal with. I would recommend her to all my friends!” – Daniel Z., Los Altos CA

“You were on time. You looked very pretty in your costume and were always smiling. Your sword dance was a big hit! Your energy level throughout was amazing!! Thanks for teaching some great steps. My husband and all the guests loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed. I would definitely recommend you.” – Asha M., Fremont, CA

“If you are thinking of hiring a belly dancer for your wedding or other special event, hire Nyla Crystal right now! Not only is she highly skilled and extremely authentic, she is incredibly considerate, professional and very personable. Her performance was definitely a major highlight of our November wedding – we had a mixed bunch of guests from all ages and cultures, which can be a hard crowd to please, but she impressed them all! Definitely family friendly entertainment. Thank you so much, Nyla!” – Tara and Ali, Sonoma, CA

“Nyla arrived on time, was friendly and beautiful. She did a fantastic sword dance! I highly recommend her to anyone who likes belly dance.” – Annette A., Rocklin, CA

“Nyla, Everyone at the party really enjoyed the show. The little girls especially! Your show is family friendly. Everyone liked the sword dance. I don’t know how you can improve the show. It was flawless from where I sat. Thanks for making Marissa’s 10th birthday so great. She’ll remember this one for a long time.” – Rachelle D. Tracy, CA

“Nyla performed for our event at Lodi’s Wine & Chocolate weekend and everyone had a terrific time! Nyla was cheerful, engaging, entertaining and extremely professional. She worked our crowd of 900 for 5 hours each day, both Saturday and Sunday, just taking short breaks and never looked tired. She has the gift of engaging an audience, men and women alike, with a fun and participatory nature. The women who entered our winery a bit “taken aback” by the beauty of this wonderful creature, ended up dancing with her by the end of their visit! My only regret is that I am not able to have Nyla in our tasting room every hour we are open — she is a true professional.” – Susan Tipton, Acquiesce Winery, Acampo, CA

“Thank you Nyla for the wonderful performance! All day yesterday at the hospital I had staff tell me that they enjoyed your dancing and were very entertained. The way you and your dancers were able to get the staff out on the dance floor belly dancing was great and amazing!!!” – Dawn N., Sutter Davis Hospital Arabian Nights Event, Davis, CA

“Davis’ Nyla Crystal, who was also at last year’s Sacramento Raks event, brought her precision Egyptian style dance to the stage. Her long red hair waved as she danced wearing a red outfit. To top it off, she used a long red veil to accompany her movements. Her fiery performance was well choreographed and executed.” – David Alvarez, Sacramento Press

“Nyla Crystal was beautiful and danced wonderfully. Her costumes were amazing. She was very adept at getting audience participation and everyone had a great time. I would not hesitate to hire Nyla again for another party. In fact, I’m sure many of our guests would insist on it!” – Susannah M., Oakdale, CA

“Nyla was a wonderful and unique addition to our Halloween wedding. She was so fun and spirited and she even had beautiful costumes to match our wedding color themes. When we first met her, she was such a bright and bubbly person and I knew working with her would be a breeze. I was also impressed she was getting a PhD in the biological sciences at UCD (I was a zoology major there for undergrad) and I couldn’t believe how she could juggle such vastly different things. I also enjoyed her drummer although I didn’t even get a chance to meet him at the wedding. They were a great team and I know my guests had fun watching them. I highly recommend for your next wedding or party! – Olivia and Ben, Sacramento, CA

“Nyla was brilliant for my husband’s surprise birthday party. We had a siren/pirate theme and her amazing sword dance was perfect for the event. Nyla looked like a Siren of the Sea in her authentic costume and ability to dance behind a silk veil for the opening entrance. As usual San Francisco fog came in, but Nyla said she still wanted to do the dance outside by candles for the full effect – not many people would have done that, and she made the ending a dramatic finish to a wonderful night. I would definitely recommend her!” – Lucy L., San Francisco, CA

“Nyla, Thank you so much for your performance for my husband’s 50th Birthday Party. You were absolutely beautiful, elegant and very entertaining. It is an experience my husband will never forget.” – Lisa M., Rocklin, CA

“Thanks Nyla for such a great show. Everyone loved you guys and were talking about it all night. You did a good job of getting the crowd going. Thank you!” – Vaishali S., Tracy, CA

“She has a great personality and work well with people. She was very accommodating with the music and played every song I requested. Already some people from the party asked me for her number. I will hire her again in a second. And to top it all, she is beautiful.” – Nicolas H. American Canyon, CA

“I did not know where to start when I decided to have a belly dancer as a surprise for my husbands 50th birthday. I googled and got few listings. Nyla was the first to respond and without hesitation, I hired her just with a short conversation and prayed all will work out. Nyla exceeded her performance, kept the guest entertained and got them involved. She looked beautiful and stunning in her greenish outfit which matched perfectly with the venue as it was an outside event. I would hire Nyla again for any future performances.” – Nalini N., Newark, CA

“I have asked Nyla to dance at my birthday party and I am very pleased with my choice. She is very talented and simply delightful to look at. My guests were pleasantly surprised and most of them could not take their eyes of her. I preferred Nyla to wear something red, because it is my favorite color and she fully accommodated my request. Her outfit was gorgeous and tasteful! I was in doubt that she would be able to make my guests come out and dance with her, but she surely proved me wrong. Everyone had a great time during her performance and many of my guests enjoyed dancing with her, regardless of gender and age. I highly recommend to hire Nyla for your party if you want it to be remembered as truly special occasion.” – Larisa P., San Francisco, CA

“Your show was amazing!!!!! I am officially your number one fan!!!! You exuded the classiness, ease, and grace of a traditional true belly dancer. This is coming from someone who grew up all of her life watching belly dancers from Egypt at my dad’s belly dance nightclub in the 70s since I was a little girl. I can’t say enough how wonderful you are!!!!” – Nadia N., Sacramento, CA

“I had a circus themed celebration party in Sacramento with 200+ guests and Nyla Crystal was AMAZING, and absolutely riveting in her performance! I believe the very best show I’ve seen, and definitely a reminder of why the ancients were mezmerized by the bellydancer craft, often taking them as ‘brides’ The swords, the color… Bravo!” – Melissa H., Sacramento, CA

“Dear Nyla: Thank you so much for making our event very special. You graced our concert with your dancing, and many were impressed on how beautiful it was. Merci mille fois!!!!” – Claudette O., Sacramento, CA

“Hi Nyla, What a great performance that was today…wow! I am really impressed with your grace and athletic ability! Thank you so much for coming and sharing your cultural dances with us.” – Kris H., Davis, CA

“We had our annual Office Christmas Party on 12/18/2010 in our home, and invited Nyla to come and perform. SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE JOY AND DELIGHT! We were thrilled to have her in our home. She was precisely on time, her performances were great; her costumes were stunning and extremely tasteful, and my entire office staff learned the beautiful art of Belly Dancing. I admire her skills. No doubt she is accomplished. It is very heartwarming to see someone who excels in their chosen career, and highlights her life with a passion for Belly Dancing. I would recommend her to perform to any one of our friends and colleagues, groups both large and small. In this day and age, it was refreshing that I was able to pick someone I did not know, speak with them and email them, and trust that she would do exactly what she said she would do! Thanks Nyla for sharing a fabulous evening with all of us! We all wish you only the best in life, and pray that you will find that cure for cancer.” – Marlene M., Tracy, CA

“Crystal was amazing!!! It was my nephews 18th Birthday Party. Her performance was a hit and her sword dance was brilliant. Every one at the party thought it was the highlight of the evening. Crystal met all of our expectations in talent and professionalism. She arrived on time and was very pleasant. I would not hesitate in recommending her and hiring her again. Thanks Crystal!!” – Maria U., Salida, CA

“We had such a wonderful experience with Nyla Crystal from the very beginning to the very end. She is incredibly organized, professional, thoughtful and insightful. From the very beginning she addressed every single concern and question that I had by offering up in many cases several potential solutions. While she was performing she was very in-tune to the audience and made the experience fun and exciting! We were all amazed by her talents as a dancer as well as her scholarly talents and everything that she juggles. We highly recommend booking her for your next event and we will be keeping her in mind for future events. Thank you Crystal!!” – Rita A., Orinda, CA

“I contacted Crystal the night before a family birthday party,hoping, but not expecting that she would be available. To my surprise, she contacted me immediately and was able to perform at the last minute. Crystal arrived on time. She was immaculately costumed and made up and stunning. Her dancing was gorgeous and even the small children in our family were mesmerized.I would highly recommend hiring Crystal. Everyone at the party commented on Crystal’s talent and beauty. The birthday boy had a party to remember!” – Laura H., Sacramento, CA

“Nyla was very professional. She arrived EXACTLY on time and put on a great show. She engaged the audience and had some wonderful tricks under her sleeve. I would highly recommend her for your next event. She is sexy and beautiful in a tasteful way.” – Lisa C. Mill Valley, CA

“Nyla was everything I was looking for in a performer and more! Her beautiful and graceful talent were complemented by calm demeanor and crowd pleasing abilities. I highly recommend Nyla for your next personal or professional gathering that needs a sense of style, grace and beauty!” – Cyndi E. Fair Oaks, CA

“A beautiful, fun, and talented entertainer! I have been to several shows Nyla has performed, and every one has been original and truly magical. Her costumes are all just gorgeously detailed, and she does amazing prop dancing, as well. I’ve seen swords, mermaid outfits, canes and candelabras…. Nyla creates beautiful choreography for every story she tells through dance. In smaller venues, it’s clear that she is very engaged with her audience and wants them to have fun and enjoy the show. I’ve been pulled up to dance many times, as has my young daughter, and we always just love taking part in the creation of a magical evening. In all, Nyla is definitely the best belly dancer I’ve seen in person, and on top of her artistry, she is also a very professional person. She arrives on time, performs at 100% every time, and leaves everyone smiling and enjoying their evening.” – Katy R., Emeryville, CA

“Nyla was very professional, nice and friendly. I had her come to my home for my daughters 18th birthday party and Nyla did an awesome job. She is an excellent and talented belly dancer and also did a wonderful job teaching them. Nyla kept them very entertained and put on a great show. Would definitely recommend her for all ages. Would love to have her back for another party.” – Raynah P., Saratoga, CA

“She is one of the best I will recommend her to all my frends and family.thank you.” – Mack S., Chico, CA

“Great performance. She showed up on time and ready to go. She interacted very well with the crowd and put on a very talented showing that everyone enjoyed.” – Jay J., Fremont, CA

“She was great, we talked things over the phone and everything turned out the way I wanted it! awesome performance!” – Sarah A., Stockton, CA

“Professional and very friendly, Crystal was just the thing we needed for my gf’s birthday party. She easily built rapport with the party guests/audience and superbly accommodated into her act the 2yo child of one guest who wandered onto the floor. By the end of the performance, everyone in the room was dancing, even the guy who used a cane to walk! Definitely would hire her again.” – Bret H., Oakland, CA

“Crystal exceeded my expectations! She danced for close to an hour and got everyone involved. My guests were thoroughly enthralled with her dancing.” – Leann P., Placerville, CA

“Nyla danced for 160 Seniors at our Father’s Day luncheon. She was a great hit! I would highly recommend her for any event. She was warm and professional. She engaged the Seniors in joining her in the last 15 minutes.” – Mary S., San Jose, CA

“We were very pleased with Nyla Crystal’s performance the night of my husbands surprise party. She worked with me to make sure the dancing was a surprise. The guests loved her and really enjoyed her dances. They were especially wowed by her sword dance. She did a great job getting our guests up and dancing. I would definitely have her come back again.” – Aida A. Walnut Creek, CA

“Our guests loved her, my hubby was in awwwwwwe, My grand daughter got up with her she loved it and she was pretty good too.Our friends said that was the best gift of all, they all enjoyed it very very much. Thank you, Great Great job.” – Toni R. Winters, CA

“This is the very first time I have ever hired a Belly Dance. I was very pleased with her. I wasn’t sure what all would take place and I was pleasantly surprised. Very professional and tasteful. A great choice. Thank you.” – Gina V. Vacaville, CA

“I was very satisfied for her overall performances as well as my guests. It was worth having her at the party. Expensive but very deserving and satisfactory. I sure would like to have her again for another event if this economy is sure is a lot better. Thank you.” – Pat C. Vallejo, CA

“Really enjoyed your dancing last night. Thank you sooo much for adding that 3rd set. Everyone was enthralled with you.” – Clifford B., Oakland, CA

“It was really great. we loved watching your technique. we also both agreed that your awareness of your presence makes it a really engaging show, no matter which direction you’re facing. you are such a great dancer!”- Katy R., Hayward, CA

“Crystal is very professional. Her movement and style were very appropriate and excellent.I will definitely refer her to my friends. Her performed was very enjoyable. Thank you Crystal.” – Gladys H., Discovery Bay, CA

“The dance was entertaining, beautiful, and very elegant. Thanks for sharing!” – Sishuka D., Fremont, CA

“She looks and dances like a Diva!” – Marissa H., Union City, CA