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Santa Clara Belly Dancer | Birthday Party Idea for Him

A Fun Surprise for your Husband’s Birthday

Imagine the look on your husband’s face when a belly dancer surprises him and his friends with belly dance show at his 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, etc.  birthday party!

Even if he has figured out that you are throwing him a surprise birthday party, he will never guess that you hired a belly dancer to perform for his party! He will be even more surprised when he is asked to join the belly dancer to learn some moves!

Husband birthday party San Francisco

Belly dancing at a private birthday party in San Francisco.

Fun and lighthearted, Nyla Crystal’s family-friendly belly dance shows are the perfect blend of entertaining Middle Eastern belly dance and a little limelight for the birthday boy when he is asked to belly dance with her. Nyla Crystal definitely knows the fine line between being playful and being inappropriate! Her shows are always suitable for families and children to enjoy.

A belly dance show is also perfect for your son’s 18th or 21st birthday.

Father’s Day or Dad’s Birthday Party Fun

And what about your dad or grandpa? Bet he can belly dance better than you think on his 70th, 80th….100th birthday party!

(For moments where there is too much surprise, Nyla Crystal is CPR certified by the American Heart Association.)

Nyla Crystal has a great birthday performance set that includes beautiful veil work, an energetic Egyptian classical routine with syncopated finger cymbal playing, a sweet and sassy dance to fun Middle Eastern pop and a thrilling sword dance with tons of gravity-defying tricks.

With sword in hand, she will encourage the birthday boy to join her for some belly dance lessons where he will be the center of attention. Be sure to have your camera ready!

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Nyla Crystal is currently unavailable for bookings until June 2017.