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Wedding Entertainment

You’ve been busy planning every intricate detail of what will be the “main event” of your life – your wedding.  While some details have been easier to plan than others, there is sure to be at least one topic that you need a little help with.  For many brides, this is the topic of entertainment.  How will you entertain the guests at your wedding? Sure, you can hire your local D.J. to come and add some life to the party, but what if you want something more intimate?  The entertainment that you choose for your wedding will say a lot about your personality and in some cases, your class.  When trying to determine what wedding entertainment will best represent your wedding, consider your theme. Many times, the theme of your wedding can lead you directly to the perfect entertainment.

Upscale elegance

If you’ll be clad in this season’s best and most expensive design, will be serving filet mignon, and will have a reception boasting the latest trends in wedding décor, your upscale elegant event calls for entertainment that fully represents the affair. Consider hiring a local opera singer to come and serenade your guests.  A great idea would be to have a romantic story told through opera.  Your local opera house may be able to help you out with wedding entertainment.

Beautiful splendor

If upscale is not really your style but you still want to host a romantic occasion with beauty at the forefront, there are many great entertainment ideas for you.  If you have a love for gardening and flowers, why not bring this into your wedding entertainment. Choose to decorate your reception with every flower that is in season.  The end result will be a beautiful oasis that will have your guest in awe.  Have a few florists or botanist on hand to share information about the flowers.  At the end of the reception, send each guest home with a potted plants and instructions on how to take care of it. This is definitely a unique entertainment idea that your guests will enjoy.

Relaxing grandeur

If your wedding will be one of calm and relaxation with soft hues and things of nature, this provides the perfect opportunity for truly one of a kind entertainment.  A great idea is to find ways to pamper your guest.  Have someone giving free massages, manicures, pedicures, etc.  Perhaps you will choose to have a station set up in another room where guest can go to get ultimate relaxation. Be sure to include plenty of candle light, soft music, and relaxing smells so that your guest feel as if they are transported to another location.  Send each guest home with a small package of relaxation essentials.

Pure personality

Not every bride and groom want a serious, romantic atmosphere.  If you are one of these couples, then allow your personality to help you choose the perfect wedding entertainment. Get the party started by hiring a mariachi band or having your favorite local band come and entertain your guests.  Live music is often a hit during weddings.  Be sure that you see the band in action before you hire them for your party. Finding the best band may involve going to different locations to find undiscovered talent.  Search your local area for live performers such as Irish dancers, belly dancers, salsa dancers and fire artists.  While out of the box, these amazing entertainers will add a special touch to your big day and leave your guests amazed.

Traditional is good too

Traditional entertainment, such as hiring a D.J., is perfectly okay.  For some people, having traditional entertainment is what they feel will be the best for their event.  Perhaps you can provide a combination of entertainment for your guests.  Many couples choose to have a D.J. and also include some type of special entertainment at some point in the reception.  This would give you the best of both worlds, a fun signature entertainment option along with the traditional fun and music of a D.J.

As you can see, there are endless options when it comes to providing entertainment for your big day.  Use your theme to help you find the perfect entertainment or simply go with things you love. Whether you choose to include a magic show or an onsite pampering station, do what your heart desires.  After all, this is your special day.


Olivia Nicholas loves to write, talk about, blog about and talk about all things weddings.  She writes for Storkie about her passion for weddings and honeymoons.